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Events at Thai Taste
Let us know what you want to celebrate and we will work with you to plan your special event.



You are welcome to pop in any evening for a quick drink or a night out on the town. For special occasions, why not reserve a private section of the bar. Perfect for hen parties, birthdays, work events, wine tasting, mixology parties, or any occasion you want to celebrate in style!

For your special event, we can curate a bespoke menu including your choice of small plates, classic cocktails, and even a custom-made infusion inspired by you!


Looking for something unique to do for date night or with friends and family? How about a private birthday party in our cocktail bar. From wine to craft beer, premium spirits to our signature cocktails.
Host a drinks-only affair or pair each drink with our Thai Taste small plates!

If you have always wanted to light a flaming sambuca or perfectly layer the colours in a Spicy Mai Tai, why not book a mixology party where you can learn to mix your favourite cocktails and gain a skill that will impress your date or friends!


Bring the team in to celebrate a successful product launch, mark the end of a project, or simply to blow off a bit of steam! We can accommodate both large and small groups, offering a variety of libations from champagne to beer, cocktails to non-alcoholic infusions.

Book your party with us

Thai Taste Cocktail Bar is the perfect place to host your event! From a private dinner party, bridge-to-be or to a boozy night out with friends. Choose from our standard cocktail menu and we can even create a bespoke infusion inspired by the bride!

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